D25WD dual-axis unit

D25WD dual-axis unitA dual-motor wireless lens control system D25WD can simultaneously steer 2 motors – KM1 or KM2. This is the flagship model in our LCS product line

In comparison with its ‘younger bro’ D25WS dual-motor system, D25WD has an external battery (additionally up to 15 operating hours) on magnet mount, alongside with the internal battery. So the total operating time per single charge of the D25WD is about 45 hours.

The focus knob can be elongated with a plastic extender on magnet mount to make operating more comfortable.




D25WD dual-axis unitSince 2011, we’ve tried half a dozen of various modifications of the hand unit. The D25W family takes its beginning from clay and wooden prototypes – the first step was to choose the most convenient shape. It took about a month to choose the best one and check it with future users. To eliminate accidental pressing, all the functional buttons are out of contact with the holding palm and fingers – namely, on the front and top sides. To make the hand unit really intuitive, we refused to use LED screens with sophisticated menus. We just took a proper account of the interaction between focus pullers and a wireless follow focus. D25WD has an external battery mounted on magnets onto the back side of the hand unit, designed in a holistic manner, and at the same time it can be swapped within 2 seconds. The plastic extender of the focus knob is optionally used to improve the holdfast


D25WD dual-axis unit

The D25WD hand unit has an external tablet battery in an aluminium housing that is mounted on magnets to the back side of the device. Even though the operating time per single charging is up to 45 hours, this hot-swap battery can sometimes be a rescue. The external battery adds about 15 hours to the internal battery’s resource making the complete operating time half longer.


D25WD dual-axis unitThe D25WD model is designed to operate 2 lens motors (KM1 and/or KM2). The front big and top small knobs can be paired with Kinorg lens motors.
It has a wireless function of camera start/stop (red button at the top side).
The hand unit supports both manual and auto calibration.
The unit can set the reverse mode of the motors rotation.
Also it allows to memorise 2 positions of the Lens focus and transit into these position by a single click.

See the User Guide to get more details.


D25WD dual-axis unit

Weight: 535 g
Dimensions: 135 x 82 x 39 mm
Operating hours per 1 charge: 45
Maximum range: 150 m with KM1, 75 m with KM2
Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz
Antenna type: SMA
DC input: 9-36V, 2A
Mount: 1/4″ thread


Motors controlled: 2
Calibration: manual and auto
Replaceable marker rings: yes
External magnet-battery: yes
Rings backlight: yes
Pointer backlight: yes (luminous)
Neck strap mount: yes (1/4″ thread)
Motor smooth mode: yes (curve flattening)
Reverse: yes
Digital markers: Yes (A and B with vibration assistant)
Vibro-assistant: yes
A-to-B transition: yes
Range clipping: yes
Connection indicator: yes
Backlight sleep mode: yes (after 1 min of being inactive)