Research & Development with KINORG

Kinorg’s flagship products are wireless lens control systems (follow focus).
We gained a comprehensive experience in every single process of R&D while creating it.
This allows Kinorg to provide the custom R&D services, mainly in the cine equipment branch.
We do:

Technical enquiry drafting
Industrial and graphic design
Prototyping (including factory sampling)
PCB design, electronic engineering
MCU software development
R&D-related video recording and photoshoots
Technical writing, including User Guidelines

We have a well-equipped workshop and own milling and lathe CNC machines.
Kinorg team includes software engineers, embedded systems engineer, industrial and graphic designer&videographer, CNC machines operators.
This allows us to perform the complete cycle of R&D, prototyping and manufacturing (although we sometimes outsource manufacturing to fasten it up).

We did R&D of:

Cine equipment
Medical instruments
High-speed motion control
Hiking accessories
Machine-tools industry
Auto parts
Control equipment

Here is one of the examples – JET ONE, high speed motion control.
Kinorg developed high-speed follow focus, high-speed mechanics, camera mounts for this project.

We are looking for new custom R&D projects.
It can be preparation of MVP for crowd-funding, integration of our existing solutions into other systems, or development of completely new products within and beyond our expertise.