A4F – Fujinon Cabrio FIZ controller

A4F - Fujinon Cabrio FIZ controllerA4F is a 3-axis wireless lens controller designed for the Fujinon Cabrio and S6 lens families with servo engines. The external antenna gives operating range up to 150 m.
A4F can simultaneously work with up to 3 Kinorg hand units – 1-axis wireless follow focus D25WS, 2-axis wireless follow focus D25WD and 1-axis wireless gimbal focus B20. FIZ can be controlled simultaneously. The best approach is to combine D25WD and B20 to cover all three channels of A4F.

A videoclip below demonstrates A4F with B20: the pairing by a press of a button and operating process.

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A4F - Fujinon Cabrio FIZ controllerThe A4F unit has 3 buttons – one per focus, iris and zoom channel – to confirm pairing with the Kinorg hand units. Each button is also an indicator glowing or blinking depending on the channel mode.
It has 2 connectors – 5.5×2.1mm power port and 20-pins Hirose connector for the connection to the Fujifilm servo engine. Its housing is made traditionally of hardened aluminium alloy and covered black with a polymer paint.


A4F - Fujinon Cabrio FIZ controllerA4F can operate FIZ and the Camera RS. Besides that, the standard functions of the Kinorg hand units are applied:

  • Reverse mode
  • A-to-B transition with adjustable speed (D25WD/S)
  • Smooth mode (D25WD/S)

A4F switches on when the power cable is connected. The calibration is not needed – the lens FIZ rings are immediately going to the position according to the hand units knobs.


Weight: 120 g
Dimensions: 110 x 65 x 14 mm
Maximum range: up to 150 m
Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz
Antenna type: SMA
DC input: 9-36V, 2A
Mount: two-sided Velcro