KINORG is the DoP-founded manufacturer of wireless lens control systems for focus-pullers and cinematographers

It’s been already 8 years since I got an idea to become a manufacturer and to switch over to this from my DoP career. In 2010, I had no clue what to start with. I never graduated from anything, so firstly it was a trudge to become a designer of metalworking CNC machines for my future products. It took me 3 years to pass. When my first precise CNC machine was ready, I started development of D25 and improving it from model to model. Since 2016, Kinorg became a team, and the D25W achieved new level of quality. It debuted at the IBC-2016 at Kinorg’s booth, and then was presented at NAB, Cine Gear and IBC in 2017. At the Camerimage film festival, D25W was the choice of Sony, Xeen and Fujifilm for their booths  You, our clients, helped us to solve all the issues arising under real-life conditions.
Thank you all, guys!

In January 2018, Kinorg presents the most intuitive and durable wireless lens control systems tested at projects during 2016-2017 in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Poland, the USA, Italy, Ukraine and so on. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and therefore your participation in the development. Special thanks to the 25p *cine support, Berlin.


Price: €1799

Single-axis system is an affordable professional solution for everyone who values durability, ergonomics, simplicity and common sense of fine mechanics. Comparing with D25WD, the D25WS/x model has only the internal battery and has no knob extender.

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Price: €2599

It’s a Dual-axis system providing up to 45 operating hours non-stop. Please, remember that having a rest is important for your productivity though. It has a hot-swap external battery on magnet mount. Extendable knob is one of the main features of D25WD, use the default +20mm or the large +35mm extenders to make operating even more comfortable.

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Price: €1299 

It’s a gimbal or hand-grip 1-axis controller. Durable, reliable and also wireless. B20 is powered by an external power supply with standard jack 5.5×2.1mm. It has standard rosette M6 and 1/4 threaded mount, use it with any standard types of mount accessories and setups. The range is up to 30 m, so just power it on and feel free to use as an ordinary wireless follow focus.

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KM-1 and KM-2 motors

Lens motors KM1 and KM2 will give you the maximum performance with any lenses. These high-torque motors (5.2 kg*cm) easily operate with Master, Ultra, Compact Primes and old tight lenses like LOMO, high speed etc.

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KM1 is quiet, durablelong-range, better for fast setup and for sound recording. It’s a direct drive motor and you could set range manually just by turning the lens F/I/Z ring! Main plus is the soundless.
KM2 is a classic motor with standard noise level, it’s better for iris/zoom and tight setups, but it has half the range of KM1 and the power voltage limit.

Enjoy our products!